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Your Support Makes the Difference!

To date your support has helped to raise over $3,500,000.00 through this signature event, in efforts to support the Brockville General Hospital Palliative Care Program.

This program costs $640,000 on an annual basis and leans almost entirely on the funds raised by you and our community. By supporting this event you are making certain that this service continues to provide the best quality of life for the critically or terminally ill, by ensuring their comfort and dignity during their final days, adding life to days, when days cannot be added to life.

Friends Helping Friends

With sincere appreciation, the 2018 Friends of Palliative Care Organizing Committee:

Friends of Palliative Care Committee

Front row (l-r): Kristen Horton, Co-chair Jim Cooper, Co-chair David Publow, Jessica Alexander, Lauren Phillips, Middle Row (l-r): Susan Thomas, Alison Black, Tom Blanchard, Ted Broome, Patrick Lindsay, Back Row (l-r): Russ Gaskin, Steve Smith, Mark Walmsley, Absent: Michael McMahon, Bill Fraser, Ron Healy, John Cristello, Tom Harrington, Brad Snelling and Brent Scott 


Fast Fact

25 Years The Tournament Has Been Running

Fast Fact

10 PC Beds Once Redevelopment Has Taken Place

Fast Fact

Over $3,200,000 Raised in 25 Years

Fast Fact

Served 300 Patients Within 2017